Canvas CLaim

Canvas Claim: Over the course of six months, artists in our discipleship program and others in our local area create a series of three canvases. After the lines are set by artist Zach Wathen, participants design the piece, working with Nüe Origin staff to lockdown the right patterns, colors, and textures. Participants are encouraged to listen to the Holy Spirit through the process, and the series each individual produces often reflects the testimony of what the Lord has done in his or her life. Some of our participants have had encounters with the Lord while working on their canvases. Each finished canvas contains the testimony of the Church working together as one body as well as a powerful testimony from one individual. Canvases are given to high-level donors or sold to generate revenue to continue funding Nüe Origin.


Understanding My Worth

Canvas Claim.jpg

“Zach and Jordan mentioned Canvas Claim, inviting me to do a series of canvases. They told me to think about what I wanted the story behind it to be, and all I could think about was addiction. I had left partying and found something so much greater in the Lord. I realized through the people around me [at Nüe Origin] that we are not called to be addicted people; we’re called to be dedicated people. We’re worth so much more than our addictions. In painting, you have to think. Through the whole painting process, I was meditating on the Lord and on people and conversations and Bible verses, things like that. There was a night in the studio were the Lord was really moving in my heart and spirit. The Lord led me to Proverbs 3:15, which says, ‘She is more precious than rubies.’ Though the verse is in the context of wisdom, the Lord used it to speak to me about my worth. I started crying. I sang, and I worshipped, and I prayed. I experienced all this freedom.”

                                                                                        - Rachel Wallace, Canvas Claim Participant